We were turned down by another lender just before we were supposed to close on our house.  They said we had to get hard money because we had a foreclosure that showed up on our credit report at the last minute.  We found Corinne online and when we called she had us come in immediately.  They did everything right then, even did the loan documents, and then all we had to do was wire our money.  We were lucky that we found her because the seller wanted to cancel our deal and take the backup offer.  Now we have a beautiful house at a really good price. Raul H., Las Vegas, NV

I have done 3 hard money loans with Corinne, and I got my money on time all three time.  What I like the best is that they just get it done.  They don't ask me for a lot of paperwork, and keep changing their minds all of the time like most mortgage people do.  They just tell me what they want the first time, and then the tell me yes or no, like in 24 hours or less, and then I come in and sign papers.  The first time Corinne explained everything to me and she always answers all of my questions.  It's a very easy loan to do.  All loans should be like this.