If you are frustrated beyond belief with the lending process, maybe it’s time you got a hard money loan from Capella Mortgage. We have the

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Capella Mortgage declares a State of Emergency. 340 people have their hopes of home ownership crushed by the latest regulations of Dodd-Frank. Under the new

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Dodd-Frank Seminar Feb 26

Are you wondering what the latest regulations of Dodd-Frank will do to your business? Us too! After months of study, we are going to share

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Soft Money, AltQM, NonQM

Well, we just got back from the National Association of Mortgage Brokers convention, and found out that the hottest new thing is the same thing

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Lending in Nevada, California, New Mexico, Texas, Colorado, Arizona and Wyoming, Commercial loans in 35 states

We also lend on commercial property in 35 other states, depending on the property, credit, LTV, etc.

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