Soft Money, AltQM, NonQM

Well, we just got back from the National Association of Mortgage Brokers convention, and found out that the hottest new thing is the same thing we’ve been doing for years now. Non-conventional lending. They call it AltQM and NonQM, meaning that the loan programs do not meet the guidelines published by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s “Qualified Mortgage” law. Of course, all loans still have to meet the ATR rule, “Ability to Repay”. What these new programs mean is that more people will be able to purchase a home. No more punishment for walking out on mortgages. These loans will let you purchase with only a few days to a few months out of BK, Foreclosure, or Short Sale.

We are committed to bringing only the best of these programs into our company. If you want more information, call me at 702-214-4700.

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